Plas Property Maintenance | Is buying a holiday home in Anglesey for me?
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Is buying a holiday home in Anglesey for me?

01 Mar Is buying a holiday home in Anglesey for me?

Most people look for a property that can provide thRhosneigr Beachem with qualitites they do not already enjoy and North Wales and Anglesey in particular is a place that inspires, a place that appeals to all the senses – a place to see, hear, taste, smell and feel. It is a place to get away from it all. But most of all, Anglesey is a place to get out and do!

Desirable areas for tourists often mean competition is high. Consider what the property you are looking to buy can offer over others; does it have any unique selling points? Why not think about some of the least well-trodden tourist destination such as little fishing villages or rugged moorland locations. They’re often exactly what people are looking for, and with less competition, your property stands out. We’re here to help and advise when picking a location.

Its good to think about what facilities are available for instance having a log fire in a UK cottage is high on the guests’ requirements. If your guests are arriving by car, having parking outside or within close proximity to your holiday home makes loading/unloading easier – especially in the rain.

Speak to a holiday home letting agent
Take advice about the local holiday rental market from a source other than the person trying to sell you the property. Speak to a holiday cottage letting agent with experience of your area. How much rental can you realistically expect?

Legal requirements
It’s always useful to have legal requirements in your mind when you’re thinking of buying a property. Holiday home insurance, fire and gas safety and business rates tax are all things to research before you purchase.

Truth is
that decisions always have an “opportunity cost”, like all economists would say. Should you be willing to buy a holiday home, take time into considering all the parameters and alternatives,seek thorough information both personally and by means of an expert and finally find someone you can TRUST, to help you find or build your dream home.

A holiday
home is a dream that can be realised!